10 Toes X Criminal Coffee Co. ‘Caffeine Collusion’ Imperial Coffee Stout


“Our collab with the legends at Criminal Coffee Company. A rich and robust stout loaded with the freshest cold brew coffee and toasted cacao nibs. Dangerously smooth!”

Glassware: Snifter.

Appearance: Mat black with a short tan head forming on top. Steady reduction and eventually settling to a collar. A beautiful cascading lace is strewn down the glass.

Aroma: Slightly pedestrian for an 8% Coffee Stout to be honest. The coffee comes from more of a raw bean angle with South American roots. It certainly has nutty overtones with mild acidity and distinct caramel and cocoa qualities but for us the aroma as a whole is lacking depth and oomph. There isn’t much backing up other than kinda watered down chocolate, dark fruits, lightly roasted malts and cedar.

Flavour: Same issue as the aroma – a little weak and lackluster. We’d expect this amount of depth from a Dark Ale but considering it’s an 8% Stout it’s a little disappointing. The coffee is weak, the intensity, the base flavours, body and even the booze is also weak. Although we’re not going to complain so much about the latter. Even the finish just peters out to nothing. Good Lord!

Mouthfeel: Nope. Watery, thin, no grip and hardly any weight on it. Mild-moderate body and Co2. The one saving grace is that the 8% ABV is well buried.

Overall: Even if they called this a Coffee Brown Ale we’d still be critical of it. It’s almost an Imperial Stout for God’s sake…where’s the body at? It’s just so lame and tiresome. It’s hard to believe it’s the same mob that brews their brilliant Vanilla Porter.