Bridge Road X Mountain Culture ‘Hazy Harvest’ Hazy IPA


Glassware: IPA.

Appearance: Light pastel orange to sandy golden hue with two fingers of well retained foam perched on top. Excellent retention and lacing as we imbibe.

Aroma: It’s apparent MC have a hand in this brew right from the first whiff. It’s kinda hard to explain but it just has their signature scent all over it. Another signature scent is the passionfruit which is imparted from the use of all Aussie Galaxy hops. Softer notes of stonefruits (peach, apricot, melon), mixed citrus, light florals, spicy wheat grains, rolled oats and chalk.

Flavour: Nothing really jumps out at us. It’s definitely a fruit salad kind of affair – passionfruit, melon, peach, sweet orange citrus, pineapple. That sort of thing. Super smooth malt profile, emphasised by the rolled oats and cereal grains/wheat. Just the faintest hint of hop bitterness as it finishes ultra smooth and fruity with decent length.

Mouthfeel: Creamy, pillowy and well aerated. Finely carbed, medium body. 6.4% ABV which is really well disguised.

Overall: It’s an all-round pleasant beer. If we had to criticise we’d say the flavour profile could be a bit more clear cut as it’s a little muddled but really, it’s an enjoyable drop.