3 Fonteinen ‘Tuverbol’ BA Blended Lambic


74692560_1204745393042937_2072840397750534144_o“Tuverbol is a blend of 3 Fonteinen Lambic and Loterbol Blond Beer. Mix of 9/10 strong Triple-like Blond top fermenting ale, brewed at Duysters, with 1/10 Lambic from 3 Fonteinen.”

Glassware: Tulip.

Appearance: Hazy burnished orange with a short and fizzy cap which reduced quite quickly. Moderate lace clings to the glass as it ebbs.

Aroma: Even though the blend of Lambic is 1/10 it still packs a punch. Generous wafts of candied lemon/sherbet, yeasty spice, dried apricots and various stonefruit accents alongside more subtle hints of bretty/sweaty funk, pear, semi sweet malts, and mild white wine vinegar. Loving this aroma…complex and layered yet light and fruity.

Flavour: Much like the aroma with its strong Lambic but we will admit the slightly sweeter fruits and apple/pear also come on quite nicely. Tasting lots of yeasty phenols and earthy spices, musty and dry woody notes, slightly warming booze, pithy orange peel and then on to unripened apricot and stonefruits in the finish.

Mouthfeel: Light on and aerated…boosted further by the lifted CO2. A rather subdued pucker so it scores a modest 2.5/5. 10% ABV – although discernible at times it’s fairly well concealed.

Overall: Looking back the Lambic was strong initially but the Blond characters started to take over as it warmed. Love the creativity but it’s the pin point execution that wins us over. Decent offering.