3 Ravens Coffee & Blueberry Milkshake IPA


60011763_1084561261728018_5640846700370198528_n“An unconventional IPA with low bitterness & rich mouthfeel. Combining protein rich grains, fruity yeast, new world hops, coffee, blueberries, vanilla & milk sugar for added creaminess & a sweet finish. Brewed with the help of our friends at Proud Mary Coffee.”

Glassware: IPA glass.

Appearance: Deep amber with a finely beaded thumb of off white foam. The head retracts to the rim with sudsy lace on the glass. FYI watch your pour as there are some serious chunks of suspended sediment here.

Aroma: Holy moly this is definitely one unique scent. The two feature ingredients (coffee & blueberry) fuse together incredibly well. The blueberries have a distinct sweetness while the coffee is a bit more subtle and creamy. Tonnes of vanilla and milk sugar with a sturdy caramel malt structure. It does get a little medicinal after a while but dead set…that’s amazing!

Flavour: And it all transitions on to the palate! First that blueberry sweetness followed by creamy coffee and vanilla. A flutter of booze warmth and a gentle citric bitterness through the middle leads in to a drying finish full of vanilla cream, blueberry and subtle coffee. Great length to it as well.

Mouthfeel: Super smooth, creamy and velvety. The 6% AbV is fairly well hidden. Medium body with mild-moderate co2.

Overall: Well the fun factor is off the charts! Session ability is a bit lower down the scale…one is certainly enough as the overall sweetness and texture could become excessive. That aside though, it’s a damn fine drop.