3 Ravens ‘Thornbury’ Pilsner


75439550_1218411328343010_6537645367947689984_o“This easy-drinking full strength lager proudly celebrates local produce. Australian malt & hops provide unique aromatics, subtle flavours, a thirst quenching bitterness and a clean, dry finish.”

Glassware: Flute.

Appearance: Pale gold with 100% clarity. It forms two fingers of sturdy white head which slowly recedes. Excellent lacing clings to the glass as it ebbs.

Aroma: Crisp and slightly floral with distinct Noble hop-like characters – grassy/herbal, subtle spice and mildew. We can also pick up hints of citrus, pear and light grainy malts at the base. Maybe some water crackers creeping in as well. Very basic but that’s to be expected from the style we guess.

Flavour: European-style hop flavours on entry i.e grassy, herbal, spicy, mild citrus (rind and pulp), light florals developing late. It’s all held together by the grainy/crackery malt. Quite a dry finish to it…nice and lengthy with some hop bitterness and grassy notes to boot.

Mouthfeel: Light on, crisp and snappy. A little lean but we find pilsners and lagers mostly always are. Mild ABV and bitterness. Very approachable.

Overall: A fairly decent Pilsner. We love the fact that it has been brewed with 100% local Aussie hops and malts. We find that Aussie hops (with the exception of Galaxy of course) suit the European styles over the American ones. Nothing to rave on about but it does its job.