4 Pines Cherry Coconut Brown ale


imageThis brew is an addition to the Keller Door small batch. It uses roasted coconut, and macerated cherries.

Poured into a pint glass we see a dark mahogany with red hues. There is a off white/tan head that dissipates instantaneously, leaving just small bubbles around the rim of the glass. Definite nose of cherries with the added aroma of sweet malts, an a buttery/almost chocolate hit with roasted coconut in background. Reminds us of an iced Vovo biscuit with that jammy aroma. First sip is not as good as the aroma. There is tartness from the cherry like a sour, with very mild bitterness as stated on the bottle (IBU rating 17). Mild carbonation on the tongue. Mild to moderate body at best as it’s quite watery on the palate. Doesn’t hold well in the mouth. The flavours just dry up really and there is just a mild sourness with some nuttiness from the coconut and roasted malts. Sitting at 5.5% Alc vol it’s mild drinking for sure and does glide down the gullet smoothly. We would like more creaminess from the coconut in the body, and we lose the chocolate aroma that we somehow got in the aroma initially. Basically it does what it says and points for that but we would think a bit more depth to the body and this would be tastier.