50/50 Brewing ‘Annularity’ BA Barleywine


“The FiftyFifty Brewing Company has done it again by releasing another delicious brew unto us, the craft beer loving masses. The Annularity is a rich Blond Barleywine with hints of brown sugar, citrus, carmel, and honey that can be tasted through each and every satisfying sip. The beer ages gracefully in oak barrels, which lend a slightly bitter quality to the overall taste, keeping the sweetness of the sugars in check.”

Glassware: Snifter.

Appearance: Muddy bronze to light brown with a rapidly vanishing head. It leaves nothing but a very fine halo which struggles to lace.

Aroma: Oh wow, when barleywines are done right they’re such a beautiful thing. The intense sweetness is only rivalled by the bold and rustic barrel characters which provide old, musty and woody oak notes. Plenty of toffee/toffee apple, candy cane, fruit cake, rich honey and maple, subtle spicy whiskey, dark fruits and a lovely earthy-ness which lends it overall balance and bottom end. Brilliant aroma.

Flavour: Like an explosion has been set off on the palate. Big, rich and hedonistic caramel, musty oak, toffee, rye whiskey, honey and earthy spice. Just a gentle warmth from the booze in the background. Hints of dark fruits like cherry, plum and raisin before another good dose of rye whiskey leads in to this perfectly balanced finish.

Mouthfeel: Sticky and gelatinous. Medium-full body with low Co2. The 12.5 % ABV is ridiculously well concealed.

Overall: Can you expect anything less than perfection from these guys? They’ve cemented a spot in our top 5 all time breweries without a doubt. Remarkable beer from a remarkable brewery.