8 wired brewing co ‘flat white’ coffee milk stout


image“A rather traditional milk stout,makes up a notch by the addition of Cuban and Brazilian coffee. Brewed with coffee, vanilla beans and lactose.”

We are big fans of this brewery because basically every beer they brew are exceptional and complex. Poured into a tulip glass, there is impenetrable black with a 10mm tan head that faded quickly, leaving only a rim around the glass and the bubbling up of carbonation on the surface. A definite hit of whole coffee bean, with a whiff of vanilla coats the olfactories, whilst a backbone of roasted malt and a subtle sweetness exits. We feel like there may be a tiny bit of chocolate malt used, but we stress tiny. First sip gives you all of the above. Strong upfront coffee bean, roasted malt, a sweetness from the lactose, and hints of vanilla make up a lovely balanced palate, with mild bitterness. Body is light to medium, and there is a mild hit of carbonation upfront but it disappears at the end. Sitting at 5.5% ABV, there is no evidence of booze at all, given the roasted malt and coffee blend. The use of lactose gives it a real velvety, smooth character in the mouth. There is a subdued ash hit at the end of the palate also which gives it a smoky feel too. Overall, a very very nice coffee stout, trying to replicate the Kiwi flat white.