961 beer Lebanese pale ale


961 beer Lebanese pale ale“Our Lebanese Pale Ale is based
on an English IPA, and 6.3% ABV.
We used lebanese herbs, such as za’atar (wild thyme), sumac, chamomile, sage, anise, and mint in the brewing process. This gives the beer its distinctly Lebanese flavour and fragrance”

To be honest, other than a late night drunken kebab there hasn’t been a lot of positivity to come out of this country, but when it does it surely deserves the recognition. Coming from a land where alcohol is forbidden comes this strangely enjoyable pale ale. Served in a shaker glass the translucent amber pour produced a 1 inch white head that settled to a covering on top. OK lacing. Off the nose it’s powerfully spicy with wafts of star anise, clove, chai and sumac. There’s also a solid herbal presence, aroma’s of mint, oregano and sage also share a citric aroma of lemon and lime. Very clean. In the mouth it’s smooth as silk with medium carbonation. Medium body. The palate was very similar to the aroma with an endless list of the regions herbs and spices dominating. ┬áSubtle grassy hops and earthy malts are present to balance. 6.3% ABV is really well hidden, it offers a good platform for the other flavours to go to work on. Quite surprised actually, we didn’t think this was going to be this good. To sum it up it’s just a clean and sessional beer, would definitely buy it again.