Alesmith Brewing Co. ‘Spezial’ Pilsner


18922090_704243733093108_2866515640618994127_n“Inspired by classic European lagers, our entire Brewing Team got together to create this truly collaborative beer that captures the essence of European tradition. The result, Spezial Pils, is our take on a German-style pilsner with a pleasant balance between light, grainy malt and spicy, floral hops. We lager it at freezing temperatures for an extended period to round out its delicate flavors and improve drinkability. The finish is crisp and clean with a pleasant dryness and subtle bitterness. Prost!”

Served in a footed flute. Quite a hazy straw golden hue meets the eye. It’s topped off by a finger of tightly held foam that gradually peels off to a wispy film. Healthy lace.
Not a great deal of variation on the nose, nevertheless what is here lifts out of the glass with real vigour. A hefty Hallertau spiciness is backed up by a brawny floral bouquet. A prominent cereal malt structure also comes through to balance. Fleeting hints of herbal hop and subtle citrus peek in but it’s all pretty traditional in its delivery.
Yes, we sound like a broken record but the mouth feel is clean and crisp with a smooth overall texture. Mild bitterness (25 IBU) with just the right amount of carbonation. Light-moderate body.
Excellent transition on to the palate. The spicy and floral hops present well above the semi sweet and at times grainy pilsner malts. Nice line of bitterness through the middle as an undertone of straw carries a herbaceous note in to the slightly dry and spicy finish.
We acknowledge that the yanks love to modify and redefine styles, this is why we’re impressed by the classic character of this pilsner. Simple aromas and flavours….but done perfectly. Kudos Alesmith this is a lovely drop.