Amager bryghus ‘Gnädige Frau’ Marshmallow stout


image“When the best little liquor store in Chicago asks you to make them a celebration beer, it’s an honor you simply cannot refuse. West Lakeview Liquors has been owned and run by the Bozic family for 25 years, and that indeed calls for something unique and different. Our signature Imperial Stout, Hr. Frederiksen, has always been a popular beer in the store. And with that beer as a base, master brewer John Laffler from Off Color Brewing – and longtime friend of both Amager Bryghus and West Lakeview Liquors – was given free hands to add his very personal touch. The result is this collaboration: “Gnädige Frau – Marshmallow Stout” – combining a trademark Danish beer with the very American campfire treat a s’more. The name of the beer is a tribute to Kristina Bozic, the current owner of West Lakeview Liquors who personally and enthusiastically took part in the brewing here at Amager Bryghus, slicing vanilla beans and marshmallows and crushing graham crackers with a meat hammer! A sweet and unique lady requires a very special beer. We believe “Gnädige Frau” to be exactly that. Enjoy! ”
Aahh Amager! Arguably, one of the best Danish breweries on the market. We served this in a beer tulip and enjoy the sight of an opaque black appearance that generates a bubbly 1 finger brown head that slowly dissipates to a firm covering on top. Plenty of lacing ls left on the glass. The aroma is dank and sticky with a lovely sweetness running through, maybe from the marshmallow. We also picked up moreish notes of coffee, vanilla, booze, molasses, residual sugars, licorice and a hint of burnt wood. Unfortunately, like a lot of these featured flavour beers, the marshmallow is very subdued, if not missing in action. Take nothing away from the aroma though it’s absolutely gorgeous. The mouth feel is slightly oily with mild-medium carbonation. Full bodied. Upfront the tongue absorbs an aggressive booze burn (10% ABV) along with bitter undertones of coffee and roasted chocolate malts. Some licorice pops up in the mid-palate and is rounded off by a rich and moreish finish with loads of roasted malts, coffee and creamy vanilla on the back end. Decent length. Well, the marshmallow was all but missing but the characteristic heavy roast and bitter espresso flavours produces another pearler of a beer from these Danish masters! Big ups boys keep em coming.