Anderson Valley Brewing Co Salted Caramel BBA Porter


20768201_735329456651202_8487172828871458150_n“This slightly sweet porter is brewed with select additions of crystal malts and sea salt to create flavors of peanut brittle and caramel without being cloying. The medium body and mouthfeel lay the perfect foundation to support the rich vanilla, oak, and bourbon flavors imparted by extended aging in Wild Turkey┬« barrels.”

Served in a snifter. Hitting the glass with a deep brown hue and topped off with a wispy overlay that reduced to a halo. Laces well, posting a set of rings down the walls of the glass.
Not quite the big, sweet and bourbony aroma we were predicting, not even seeing a great deal of conventional porter characteristics either. As it settles in the glass the delicate caramel begins to creep through with the dominant woody oak and slightly tart and or salty umami accents most discernible. It’s safe to say that the aroma is a massive let down.
We can’t work out where they’re going with this flavour profile. We can certainly taste the oak and the hints of bitter chocolate but the whole ‘salted caramel’ feature is grossly exaggerated. Same goes for the bourbon flavour – very subtle with hardly any impact. What we keep tasting is mild chocolate and a slight salinity that moves in to a light roasty finish with a trace of bourbon sweetness in the tail. Pretty decent length we’ll give them that.
Nice and full-ish in the mouth with a kind of salty/mineraly texture. Well concealed 6% ABV with medium co2.
Extremely disappointed here. This porter looked a million bucks on the shelf but has only produced a tenth of that. We hate to say it but it’s weak, misleading and unconvincing. What a shame!