Atrium ‘Cassadura’ Quad Stout


“A heavy and sticky stout to which has been added brown sugar and rapadura! A Belgian-Brazilian mix sounds familiar, doesn’t it? An extreme beer as we like it! a complex, thick and creamy 15% Imperial Stout with a magnificent brown head. Notes of baked candy, followed by delicate esters of black fruits, caramel, malty and roasted notes! Soft and warming!

It’s a pool party, sugar!

Glassware: Trappist goblet.

Appearance: Ultra dark brown with a deep mahogany gradient at the edges. It struggles to produce much head and whatever forms disappears almost instantly. Minimal lace work as we hook in.

Aroma: This blend of Imperial Stout and Belgian Quad always piques our interest. We love how the rich sweetness from the Quad integrates with the aggressive characters of the Stout…it’s like a match made in heaven. And straight off the bat that’s what we’re getting; candi sugars, musk, vanilla, coffee, nutty chocolate, molasses, lady finger biscuits and mixed dark fruits.

Flavour: It’s actually really hard to know where the Impy Stout starts and where the Quad ends…the amalgamation of the two is superb. It’s just this rich and intense fusion of Belgian yeast-driven candi sugars, chocolate/cocoa, vanilla, dark fruits, wheat grains, molasses and earthy spice. And we haven’t even touched on the 2 feature sugars used either! (cassonade and rapadura).

Mouthfeel: Slick, oily and warming. Medium-full body, low Co2. The 15% ABV got us by surprise…it’s dangerously well hidden.

Overall: This was our first crack at this Belgian brewery and we’re impressed. She’s very intricate, well layered and rich. We’re thinking we’ll have to explore a few more of their wares now! Solid.