Bacchus Brewing Co ‘Balt Action’ Baltic Porter – Oak Editon


image“A high alcohol sweet version of a robust porter whose style originated in the Baltic states. Fermented as a dark lager with a rich malt profile and a soft roast. This batch was fermented on French oak for added complexity.”

Served in a beer tulip. Impenetrable black appearance that’s topped off by a two finger head. It gradually reduced and settles to a fine overlay with random patches of lace clinging to the glass.
She’s certainly displaying a bit of funk on the nose. It’s quite interesting because on one hand we have this slightly tart slightly funky apple pie aroma and on the other we have an oak-influenced cherry ripe chocolate scent. Subtle hints of dark malt and chocolate are here but you’ve really got to get deep in that glass to uncover them.
The texture is light for a porter with that Bacchus trademark Co2. The 9.8% ABV is ridiculously well hidden with the body weighing in around the medium-full mark.
The flavour is quite complex. Definitely getting that subtle vanilla accent from the French oak. On top of that is this sweet and somewhat sugary note, kind of like prunes and or dates. That sweet texture leads on to an earthy and somewhat figgy finish with boozy and raisin notes carrying through to the back palate.
Tough one to review, a lot of nuanced flavour that can easily be interpreted differently. Not a great deal of actual Baltic porter-like aroma and flavour but we definitely have to give points for complexity and drink ability. Ultimately we aren’t that crash hot on it. Plenty of other better beers in his stellar range.