Bacchus Brewing Co ‘Bo Jingles V’ Imperial Cherry Chocolate Stout


16174455_636771723173643_1467916320009663673_n“Bo Jingles is an imperial cherry chocolate stout brewed each Christmas for the iconic scratch bar in Milton. We change the recipe every year, creating new taste experiences around the central theme. For 2015 we’ve gone bigger & ballsier. We retained some of last year’s Bo & blended with this year’s vintage to produce a beer of intense flavour and depth.”

Served in a beer tulip. The pour is as black as the ace of spades with a healthy two finger head shaping up on top. As it reduced it weaves a streaky lace as it ebbs.
Ooph! Complexity is the name of the game here. This is bloody incredible! At the moment we can pick out cherry ripe, musty oak, molasses, Turkish delight, a hint of cough syrup and even traces of port. This aroma is simply brilliant.
Once again Bacchus thrills the palate with an invigorated Co2. An otherwise dense texture is nicely lifted. Oily in texture and it’s emphasized by a whopping yet quite well hidden 11% ABV.
What can best be described as an explosion of cherry sweetness is lit up by the 11% ABV upfront. Hints of oak follow but retreat a little quicker and in effect lays a platform for the juicy cherries, chocolate and molasses to extend in to a fairly dry finish that imparts a complex musty and slightly tart length on the back palate.
Stop it! Once again Bacchus displays their immense brewing capabilities with this absolutely incredible stout. We’re literally lost for words…this is something else. We’ll say this, if you see this beer on the shelf….buy it! Oh my God.