Bacchus Brewing Co ‘Wake up Buttercup’ Specialty Porter


16508104_641146812736134_675538717258221625_n“We have taken a traditional English Porter and added peanuts, chocolate and the finest cold steeped coffee beans. Think of Reese’s buttercup with a little coffee kick. We think the combination is divine.”

Served in an English pint. We’re met with the standard Bacchus pour: Fast reducing head that vanished instantly revealing the jet black liquid beneath. No lace to speak of.
The aroma is sweet, very nutty, slightly toasty and a bit earthy. It just wouldn’t be Bacchus if it didn’t have some sort of association with either a moreish dessert or a sweet chocolate bar would it?! In this particular case they’ve honed in on an all time American favourite – the Reese’s Peanut Butter Bar. They’ve done it well but for us it seems like an all too familiar mix between the Snickers ale, the peanut brittle Gose and the Ferrari rocher.
The texture is fizzy, highly carbonated and a bit too bubbly for a Porter. Very gassy. Moderate in body.
The flavour seems to lack some of the intensity that the aroma has. Traces of chocolate and nutty sweetness comes on but it’s hindered by the overzealous Co2. Hints of roasted peanuts, cherries, a suggestion of vanilla and toasty malt punctuate with a slightly dry note on the rear.
Hhhhmmmm. Not their best. We say that in full knowledge of what these guys are capable of. The aroma hits its mark but it goes a little astray in texture and flavour. Personally we don’t like our dark beer highly carbonated, for us a Porter is best when low in Co2 and high in body and viscosity. Of course, this is our opinion only. They’ve done better.