Bacchus Brewing Co. White Chocolate Pilsner


16807674_648905755293573_8230492141102237965_n“We have taken our classic Czech Pilsner recipe and infused with chocolate and vanilla. The beer has a wonderful white chocolate nose that carries on in to the taste and then finishes with a nice firm bitterness that balances the sweet chocolate perfectly.”

Served in a footed flute glass. It pours a hazy amber hue with a fair bit of suspended sediment floating around. The head swells to about two fingers before collapsing to a ring with minimal lace on the glass.
Definitely get those gorgeous creamy white chocolate notes on the nose initially. The balance is superb, tucked right in behind the white chocolate are the traditional Pilsner characters – grainy malts, slightly floral hops and crackers. Uber moreish aroma. White chocolate and vanilla Pilsner?! What a unique combination that works incredibly well.
The texture is light and crisp with a fairly decent body filling it out. Co2 is energetic and the IBU probably sits around the mid 30’s.
Flavour-wise it presents as much more of a Pils with the floral/herbal hops and grainy malts upfront. A hint of vanilla comes in and out as a soft bitterness makes way for the decadent white chocolate to finish it off. Nice duration, really loving the balance between the creamy chocolate and the bitterness on the back palate.
Seriously classy stuff. The marriage of white chocolate and vanilla with the crisp and grainy characters of a Pilsner is simply genius. The two go together like peas in a pod. Far better than the raspberry and white choc Pils which, to us, seemed dominated by the tart raspberries. This one is perfectly balanced and delicious. Another top drop from Bacchus.