Bali hai brewery lager


imageOther than the staple diet of bin tang, this other well known Indonesian lager is what is consumed in Bali. At some point this beer won medals at the Australian international beer awards, as seen on the side of the can. The way this beer is described is ‘experience perfection’…hmmm we’d have to question that. Got that typical lager nose with little hops, bit of malt and rice. Maybe a hint of crackers in here too. Reminds us of the million other lagers drunk in warm climates such as Asia. Thin mouth feel. Very watery. The flavour is much the same, malty sweet with little character. Hints of corn and wet cardboard with an abrupt finish. It’s 5% ABV and goes down quite smooth. We’d certainly drink this type of lager over say a crown lager but other than that we’ll wait until another trip to Bali until we return to this one.