Bannock burn ‘killarabbit’ DIPA


image“Barrel fermented and bottle conditioned, unfined and unfiltered. Brewed proudly on the banks of the glacial Kawerau River in Bannockburn, using pure spring water from the mountains behind, and fermented in victorious Pinot Noir barriques”.

This new brewery from famous central Otago in N.Z is a double IPA fermented in Pinot noir barrels. It pours a copper colour with no head or lacing whatsoever. On the nose you get wafts of hops, booze and that grapey wine smell you get after popping a Pinot. The IBU level is 100 but it is well subdued due to the barrelling process. Unbelievably smooth despite the robust 7.2% alc vol. There is almost no lingering bitterness. Normally we would easily get the pine or tartness of the hops, especially with a DIPA, but not with this brew. Fairly mild carbonation. Slightly watery mouth feel though. To be honest, we were expecting a bit more punch being a DIPA. It’s a strange one, almost sessional despite the fact you would really buzz out after a couple. Points for complexity in the Pinot noir fermentation, but we have had better DIPA’s.