Barons ‘black wattle’ ale


Barons black wattle ale“Barons Black Wattle Ale features a unique touch of Australia by incorporating native herbs and spices into the brewing process, resulting in a beer that delivers a wealth of flavours.  This ale has a smooth malt-driven taste profile while flavoured with the distinctive touch of roasted wattle seeds native to Australia. This multi award winning beer is full bodied, full flavoursome, surprisingly smooth and ultimately satisfying”.

This is a sensational beer we have had numerous sessions on this delicious ale over the years and it’s time we finally reviewed it. Popped and served in to a shaker glass. Pours a dark amber with a flash of ruby red highlights. Capping it off is a creamy beige head at about a finger’s height with a smooth malty aroma. Subtle notes of caramel, nuts and toffee also come through. The mouth feel is slightly creamy with mild carbonation with the taste being quite similar to the aroma, very smooth ale with malty, caramel like notes that linger long after the sip. It’s 5.2% and very sessional so we definitely urge you to try one of these. Quite a rare beer but lately they have been selling in most BWS cellars around Sydney so get stuck into one before they disappear again.