Barossa brewing co. ‘bee sting’ honey wheat beer


image“This was the only beer with a honey addition to win a medal at the 2014 Australian International Beer Awards. We ferment out residual sugars in the ale, ensuring the Orange Blossom honey we use adds honey roundness and character without excessive sweetness. Refreshing but slightly different. Great with Asian foods.”

Situated in the heart of South Australian wine country is this relatively small scale brewery. This is their 1st and signature brew that also comes decorated, taking away a medal at the 2014 Australian International Beer Awards. Served in a weizen glass the pour is providing a milky straw-yellow appearance. Quite a fair bit of active carbonation, generating a huge 4 finger head that gradually reduces to a 1cm crown with a tonne of lace being omitted. A slightly hesitant aroma of honey, some spice and bubblegum notes present with subtle undertones of orange blossom and banana lollies. In the mouth it’s quite frothy with light body. Carbonation is medium-high. Fairly dry upfront with hints of orange and a soft hop bitterness in the background leading to a hint of subtle honey through the mid. Finishes dry and earthy with a touch of zesty orange on the back end. Not bad. 5% ABV is about on par. Look it’s an OK beer there’s definitely nothing outrageous happening in aroma or flavour, just a well balanced and easy drinking wheat beer.