Barrel House Brewing Co IPA


33226089_859774800873333_4078472052036599808_n“We built this delicious unfiltered West Coast IPA around a unique blend of specialty hops delivering mouth-watering juicy dankness. Put it in your mouth; you can thank us later. Cheers!”

Glassware: IPA glass.

Appearance: Slightly hazy gold with soft amber highlights. We’ve got a finger of puffy white foam that persists and draws a soapy lace as we indulge.

Aroma: Lots of tropical fruit hop notes. Wafts of mango, pineapple and melon with light citrus accents. It’s hinting at grassy hops, maybe just a flutter of dankness in there. We’re also picking up a resinous pine with a soft caramel malt sweetness to balance it all out. Not bad.

Flavour: A little bit less tropical fruit and more resinous pine and a touch of candied citrus (mostly lemon and lime) on entry. Becoming quite pithy and acidic through the mid palate. Very mild malt sweetness rolling in to a drying finish with the acidic bitterness and slightly warming booze in the tail.

Mouthfeel: Dry and somewhat astringent with that big 76 IBU developing in the swallow. Minimal balance though, making it aggressive and kind of unapproachable.

Overall: Not quite what we were expecting (or hoping). It’s slightly unbalanced with a piercing alcohol warmth and aggressive bitterness which only intensifies as it settles in the glass. Decent enough but it needs some fine tuning in our opinion.