Batch 2021 ‘Chapeau’ Raspberry Sour


Our annual release of Chapeau Raspberry Sour Celebration Ale!

“We brew this beer to say thank you for giving us another year to do what we love. It’s with the help of you and the people we get our produce from that makes all of this possible. Berries from Westerway Raspberry farm in Tassie’s Derwent Valley and organic Voyager Craft Malt is grown by Organically Greenwood. Now take this beer and celebrate with friends and loved ones. Cheers!”

Glassware: Teku.

Appearance: Such a strikingly red pour. It whips up a big and frothy pink head which deconstructs rather quickly. Minimal lacing on the glass as we hook in.

Aroma: If you had a similar childhood to us then this should also invoke memories of strongly syruped pink lemonade which preceded a fantastic sugar high. Followed by the most unpopular come down! The raspberries are displayed beautifully…kinda artificial on the drive by but once the nose gets deep in the glass they provide that lovely fresh, tart and slightly musty sweetness. Yum!

Flavour: Loving how they’ve managed to pull right back on the intense raspberry flavour here. Sure, it’s still brimming with its tart and musty sweetness but the grains also front up with subtle wheat and straw. Something a little earthy in here too, which provides another layer of counter balance. Finishing with mixed berries and orchard fruits.

Mouthfeel: Light, mineraly and effervescent. Mild-moderate body and very nicely positioned 6.4% ABV.

Overall: This is without a doubt the best beer to come out of Batch. We know they’ve done it before (a while ago now) but they’ve gotta release another barrel aged version of this. We’re imagining the woody oak and more lacto/pedio to get that sharp sourness going. Ooft!