Beechwood/Stone/Heretic ‘Still Unapologetic’ IPA


image“This is a 20 year anniversary whereby the collab of Beechwood, Stone and Heretic re-brew an old favourite. This 2016 version scales back the dankness with new hops (Idaho 7, Azecca and Motueka). Just like the original, it’s full of tropical character, spiciness, and classic American resiny, piney hops.”

Poured into a schooner glass we see a clear golden colour with a big bubbly 10-15mm off white head that retains beautifully. There is mild to moderate carbonation here seen. Aromas of pine, citrus, vine, earth, tropical fruit, booze and spice. First sip produces a fine booze burn/heat, spice that hangs onto the tonsils, pine, some citrus, resin hops, and a restrained bitterness on the palate that is really impressive. There is decent bubble in the mouth when you have a swish around. The body is moderate to full with little lacing down the glass seen. We note the Alc vol of 8.8% which you can certainly feel as your imbibing. The smoothness and balance is so typical of these American breweries and we have to give points here for that. The alcohol is contained well and doesn’t overpower which we really dislike when that happens. As we finish this bad boy, we get dominant caramel malt backbone, spice, booze, and stewed tropical fruits like melon and banana as it warms up. Wow this is decent drop. It’s a one beer drink this one but enjoy it. Brilliant remake.