Bentspoke Brewing Co ‘Crankshaft’ IPA


23316421_769852663198881_7769223260942911980_n“Crankshaft’s younger sister; Sprocket is a big and hoppy brew with raw, tropical fruit, sniffs and tastes. Sprocket features Mosaic lupulin powder, a new hop product that adds intense tropical fruit flavours, and then kicks in with further hops including Amarillo, Citra & Galaxy.”

Served in an IPA glass. Slightly hazy golden-yellow appearance with a healthy two finger crown nestled on top. Reduction is steady and weaves a patchy lace as it subsides.
The aroma is gorgeous – plenty of uplift from the sweet orange citrus, tangerine, marmalade and tang. Hints of grapefruit, a bit of pine, passion fruit, lychee and stonefruits. We get a crisp, crackery malt structure at the base. A lovely number thus far.
Extremely well balanced flavour profile with the lovely and bright citrus overtones blending with a semi sweet and slightly biscuity malt. Hints of passion fruit, ruby grapefruit, tangerine and citrus rind in support then subtle pine and more grapefruit bitterness in the nicely drawn out finish.
Super smooth mouth feel. Light, crisp and effortless in the swallow. 50 IBU and 7% ABV – both remarkably well concealed. Mild-moderate body.
Very well constructed IPA here folks. Full flavoured and gutsy yet so well tempered. It’s Bentspoke’s third release in the can but we know there is so much more firepower in that arsenal of theirs! We’ll just patiently hold out for their cluster series to be released. Until then, this is a superb IPA to put back.