Blackhorse brewhouse ‘Aussie ale’ (pale ale)


imageOur 2nd installment of this breweries core range is their ‘Aussie’ pale ale. What we love the most about these guys is the fact that the brewery itself is literally down the road from us (well, when I say us I mean me as the other half of 2 hop heads lives elsewhere) so on one hand it’s bloody marvellous but on the other, quite dangerous as i’ll be harder to get rid of than a bar fly!

Anyhow, we served in a shaker glass. The attractive amber pour showcases almost full clarity, capped off by a thin white head that retains at about 2-3mm. Laced well. Off the nose we get mild earth and damp herbal hops -Coriander or lemon thyme springs to mind. The aroma also packs a subtle peppery spice with some light tropical fruit florals In the background. Mouth feel is smooth but a tad watery. Hardly any carbonation, a little fizz would definitely liven this up a bit. Very light on. Upfront the taste buds are detecting subdued tropical fruits with a very mild hop dryness. The biscuity malt base is uncovered through the mid while a late drying of the mouth is enjoyed in the finish. A very safe pale ale and the 4.8% ABV reflects that also. Nothing at all wrong with the beer but some sturdy late or dry hopping would inject some much needed life into it. A decent beer it just needs to be lifted.