Block ‘n Tackle ‘John Piper ‘ IPA


imageThis drop is served in a supersized Grolsch style bottle and is born on the Central Coast NSW. There is no information on the bottle other than telling us it’s additive and preservative free. Bloody better be..

Poured into a pint glass we see a dark ale like colour with a big 20mm thick white cloud like head that retains beautifully leaving a rim of lacing on the glass. This is different to the more pale colour we have had on tap over a year ago. Has to be a different batch. Minimal carbonation seen here. Aromas are of stone fruit, malts, grassy hops, some biscuit malt and no booze burn. There is almost a sense of smoke or ash? First sip yields nice bitterness which is balanced and coats the mouth with a good swish, even clinging to the tonsils. Carbonation is mild to just moderate. We note the Alc vol here of 6.6% and you wouldn’t even know it. We get more flavours on the palate of lemon rind, grapefruit, modest caramel notes, slight warming from the booze now developing on the palate but we stress ‘slight’. There is a comfortable smoothness to this drop. Every sip just seems to slide down. The body can be described as moderate and there is minimal lacing down the glass. We certainly don’t mind this beer. It’s easy to drink given the 750ml bottle and the smoothness is lovely. It’s nothing overly memorable but we would have again.