Boatrocker ‘Double Barrel’ BA Wild Ale


“Double Barrel is truly the sum of many parts… we blended a wild BA saison and a wild BA Berliner Weisse and put the beer into some older Starward whisky barrels for 4 months.  The result is complex, with whisky on the nose and a pronounced brettanomyces funk.  On the palate, the acidity is well balanced with the oak and wild yeast.  Complex yet refreshing and very drinkable.”

Glassware: Teku.

Appearance: Deep honey golden pour and a finger of loosely held white head resting atop. Decent retention and healthy lacing as we imbibe.

Aroma: At first meet the whiskey wasn’t all that perceptible but as it settles the distinct Apera/Sherry, pine needles and oriental spice comes to the fore. The aforementioned aromas interact beautifully with hints of lime cordial/juice, vanilla, green apple, green grapes, black pepper and wheat grains/straw. Strong wafts of oak also emanating. Solid.

Flavour: Follows the nose. Initially the whiskey is too subtle to pick up but after a couple of sips the Apera, pine needle and mixed spice opens up. Fruits like sour green apple and lime along with somewhat earthy and bretty funk making way for a citrusy, piney and kinda sweaty finish with good duration on the back end.

Mouthfeel: Light on, effervescent and refreshing. Mild-moderate body with the 5.5% ABV nicely positioned.

Overall: We haven’t come across many Wild Ales aged in whiskey barrels before so we were really keen to try this. We found it worked well with Australian whiskey as ours tend to lean more on the greener, herbaceous and spicy side and that blended well with the base sour. We dig it.