Boneyard red ale


image“ABV ain’t all that: Boneyard Red Ale is a session beer that you can drink all day, all night, and all day again (and all night and all day and so on and so forth, forever). It’s food friendly, sensibly sessionable and surprisingly full flavoured. Liberal use of specialty malts evocative of bread crusts, your granny’s Anzac bickies and toasted hazelnut join with bucketloads of new world hops for fruitiness and balanced bitterness to form the true craft beer drinker’s mid-strength. Get on it; stay on it”.

This is our first crack at this relatively new breweries range. Hailing from North Melbourne, Victoria this little team boasts some handy skills. A couple of restaurateurs, a culinary king and a brewing genius. With a posse like that, how can you go wrong? Poured into a shaker glass the appearance displays a deep ruby red with a beige 2 finger crown. Good head retention, releasing some nice patterns of lace down the walls of the glass. The aroma is quite jammy with sweet additions of raspberry, apricot, caramel, brioche and subtle chocolate. Absolutely gorgeous, we just can’t get enough of it. Medium carbonation with a silky soft mouth feel. Medium-full body. To be honest we weren’t expecting a gob full of flavour as this is only a light mid strength (2.9% ABV) but we were dead wrong. The palate boasts distinct full bodied flavours of chewy caramel, toast and dark fruits. Good length, again it is a surprise considering the low ABV. Delicious lingering hints of berries and toffee round off a surprisingly tasty mid-strength ale. Most mid strengths lack body and mouth feel but this is an exception. Great start to this breweries range.