Bottle Logic ‘Fuzzy Logic’ Peach Hazy IPA


“Originally brewed as a feature beer for Smokejumpers Grill at Disney California Adventure, this beer captures California’s juicy agricultural history. This Hazy IPA was built on a base of Pure Idaho, White Wheat, Dextra Pils, Unmalted Wheat, and Flaked Oat malts. It was hopped with Mosaic and El Dorado hops, and fermented with white and yellow peaches!”

Glassware: IPA.

Appearance: Kinda light straw golden complexion with a soft orange tint. They can barely call this a Hazy coz there really isn’t much haze happening. Nice and fluffy two finger head which retained and laced well.

Aroma: We knew the peach component was going to be huge as we were copping wafts as the glass sat idle on the table. Seriously you’d need your head read if you don’t like peach…the unique floral, nectar-filled sweetness emanating off this is unbelievably alluring. Just a flutter of tartness, apricot delight, nectarine and ripe mango to round it all out.

Flavour: The danger in brewing with such flavoursome fruits is there’s very little forgiveness so there’s a very fine line between good and bad.. and obviously with BL being the maestro’s they are they have nailed it. Again that little lick of tartness plus a very subtle bitterness counters the sugary, nectary sweetness perfectly. Although it’s completely one dimensional it’s still absolutely satisfying.

Mouthfeel: Smooth, creamy, medium bodied. Co2 is tight and fine. The 7.1% ABV is very well hidden.

Overall: If this were any closer to a peach flavoured soft drink it would be skull-able. So on point for a fruited IPA. Magnificent stuff.