Brasserie DuPont ‘Moinette’ Blonde


“In the little village of Tourpes existed also a mill and a “Cense de la Moinette”, both belonged to the Dupont dynasty. (cense = farmstead). Originally, the name “Abbaye de la Moinette” was used for this beer, but since 1980 the name “Moinette” has become the commercial name. Coppery blond with many fine hop aromas, the “Moinette blonde” is a very refreshing beer, thanks to its subtle balance between sweet, bitter and fruity.”

Glassware: Trappist Goblet.

Appearance: Cloudy apricot coloured pour with a light and fluffy two finger head which holds its shape. Healthy lace sticks to the glass as it ebbs.

Aroma: The classic Belgian yeast fills the olfactories with banana, subtle clove and cracked pepper, a hint of bubblegum and fruity esters i.e apple, pear etc. There’s a really dense malt sweetness which displays super sweet and sticky caramel, honey and toffee/toffee apple. Quite herbaceous too. Some delicate funk but it’s more farmyard grains, hay and wheat. Traditional AF and we love it!

Flavour: Literally a mirror image of the aroma; tonnes of yeasty esters (apple, pear, banana) clove, peppery spice and dried fruits. Again, a big sweet malt presence throws out rich caramel, honey and a hint of golden raisins. Herbal, floral and at times citrusy hops with the farmyard-ish hay, straw and wheat grains peeking through. Such a smooth, creamy and yeasty finish which lingers nicely.

Mouthfeel: Creamy, a little sticky and ultra smooth. Coats the whole palate beautifully. Medium body, Co2 is perfect. The 8.5% ABV! So well hidden.

Overall: An amazing drop from an equally amazing brewery. So rich and complex but still so unbelievably crushable. Yummo!