Bravik De Brabandere ‘Petrus’ Gouden Tripel


16298919_636772513173564_3009417888696886954_n“A strong, abbey-style ale, clean and complex. This fine sparkling beer has a mild malt flavor with a dry bitter aftertaste. The aroma hop and fruit aromas of the refermentation provides a refreshing nose. The head is stimulated by the fine bubbles which are created in the refermentation.”

Served in a Trappist tulip. Deep cloudy amber in appearance with a frothy two finger head taking shape on top. It swiftly recedes to a loosely held film that struggles to produce any considerable lace on the glass.
The lack of head is rarely an issue with traditional Belgian Tripels because as soon as the olfactory’s cop a whiff of the aroma all is forgiven. This chewy, buttery and uber sweet caramel malt base works upwards in to decadent layers of candied lemons, Angostura bitters, clove, banana runts, phenols, doughy malts and orange peel. There is no brewery in the world that brews Tripels like the Belgians. Phenomenal aroma.
The texture of the beer is gelatinous but also quite dry and effervescent. The 7.5% ABV seeps through a little but ultimately it’s well disguised. Medium-full in body.
Quite an eager display of yeasty phenols upfront. Hints of semi-tart pear cuts in to the earthy spice that balances with the syrupy caramel and honeyed malts. Yep, that’s just the start! The middle takes on the tart apples as it leads with candi sugar and subtle booze on to a mildly dry, spicy, fruity and phenolic finish that displays good length on the rear.
God dammit that is good! It’s safe to say that where you find one brilliant beer you’ll find another. The Petrus Dubbel is almost a 10/10 and so is this. It ticks all the boxes for us. Outstanding drop.