Brew cult ‘acid freaks’ balsamic porter


image“A Balsamic Baltic Porter. It takes two freaks to think up such an idea for a beer. Two brothers in fact – one a brewer and the other a vinegar maker. It takes an even bigger freak to try this beer. Are you freak enough? Go on. We’re watching.”

Add this to the list of exciting, ever-expanding Victorian micro-breweries. We tried this funky looking porter at Odyssey brewery bar in Geelong, Vic. Served in a beer tulip the dark cola pour generates a thin, but lasting off white head. The aroma comes off as quite sour and acidic but it is explained by the addition of balsamic vinegar in the brew. Phenolic wafts of tart berries, chocolate, plum, cherry and tang also make up this really interesting nose. Mild carbonation with a slick, oily mouth feel. Flavour is heavy on tart berries (raspberry & strawberry) sour malt, vinegar, mocha and slight booze (7.5%). Very funky. Far from a sessional porter but top points for balancing out a number of heavy flavours and making them work. Try one and we emphasise ONE! And marvel in these complex flavours. Great stuff.