Bridge road brewers ‘single hop IPA series’ Vic secret


image“In 2011 Bridge Road Brewers brewed the first ever commercial beer using Vic Secret, when it was still part, an an R&D program and before it even had a name. We are thrilled that this hop is now available commercially. This hop has a clean fruit characters, leaning towards melon, with solid hop resin and a touch of pine.”

In this addition to the single hop IPA series the boys at bridge road take on a more APA style approach with the “Vic secret” hop variety. Poured into a shaker glass the body displayed a dark amber orange with a fizzy one and a half finger head. Good retention. Aroma reeks of sticky resins and pine. Gorgeous! Just underneath sit subtle variations of stone fruit, passion fruit and grapefruit. Medium carbonation with a bitter mouth feel. A slightly out-balanced mix of grapefruit along with a persistent dry back palate, actually marries up quite well with the subtle caramel to find a perfect harmony on the tongue. Subtle zesty orange lingers really nicely on the back end. Good length. 4.8% ABV was actually quite a surprise considering the arsenal of flavours on board here. The Vic Secret strain certainly packs a lot more punch than the Summer hop. Big ups to bridge road on this one. Good beer!