Brouwerij Boon ‘Vat 31 Monoblend’ Oude Geuze


“The lambic in foeder no. 31 aged for four and a half years before it became this Oude Geuze. It’s typified by its fine carbonation and pleasant cognac-like nose. The fluent and mellow but strong aroma with hints of apricots and walnuts is supported by a clear oak character.”

Glassware: Teku.

Appearance: Hazy deep pastel orange with two fingers of fizzy yet well retained foam perched on top. Poor lacing considering the good retention though.

Aroma: Oh wow…that unmistakable scent of a traditional Belgian Lambic ♥️ It displays a magnificent fusion of zesty lemon/lime juice, white grapes, unripened peach, green apple, candied citrus, hay/straw, a healthy barnyard funk and raw almonds. Just a flutter of funky yoghurt and cheese cave getting a look in as well. It’s doing all the right things!

Flavour: We were expecting a sharp lacto sourness to pucker up but much to our surprise it’s quite well contained. Subtle tart lemon juice and white wine vinegar blends beautifully with the musty oak, hay/straw and unripened stonefruits and apricot. It’s amazing how much it smooths out as it shifts into the kinda dry, vinous and oaky finish. Good length on it too.

Mouthfeel: Somewhat creamy, a hint of sharpness and minerality. Finely carbed, mild-moderate body. The 8.5% ABV adds some warmth but it’s nicely positioned.

Overall: We’re always entertained at how long the shelf life is on these beers…this one says 2040! We could only manage a bit over a year before we cracked this 2020 vintage. Solid Lambic. No surprises there though.