Brouwerij Bosteels ‘Deus’ Brut des Flandres


imageBought a bottle of this expensive Belgian ‘champagne beer’ at Jack Greene in Hobart, Tasmania. Served in a snifter the slightly murky gold pour produced a big 3 finger white head that maintains well. Good lacing is being strewn all the way down the walls of the glass. The aroma was quite complex with a dominant herbal character. Coriander and mint are present, also is a subtle waft of white wine-style grapes. Belgian yeast, zesty lemon and champagne finish off a brilliant aroma. In the mouth it feels fizzy with medium body. Quite light on the tongue. Highly carbonated up front with hints of apple and spice. Around the mid-palate it mellows off into a hoppy, funky Belgian ale. Grassy hops, nutmeg and a muted alcohol warmth make up the finish displaying amazing depth. At 12% ABV and $60 a bottle it is far from sessional but definitely worth every sip. A gorgeous quaffer. We don’t normally go for, or even really like these Champagne-style beers but this is brilliant stuff. Maybe split it between a few people so it ain’t so damn expensive!