Brouwerij Kasteel ‘Nitro Noir’ Nitro Porter


“Kasteel Nitro Noir has a clear taste of roasted malts, complemented by subtle caramel notes. The soft bitterness is balanced by a sweet fruitiness, making this porter easy to drink.”

Glassware: English Pint.

Appearance: For once a nitro beer from a can pours like a draught! Such a cool sight to watch the tightly held foam cascade down and transform into liquid. Nice dark brown complexion with a deep ruby gradient at the foot of the glass. It holds a sturdy two finger head which laces well.

Aroma: A nice and creamy roasted malt hits the olfactories initially. Supported by caramel fudge, a carob-esque accent, figs, dates/prunes, apple pie, vanilla and Belgian yeasty notes i.e orchard fruits, clove and banana split. There’s also a noticeable hop profile to it…kinda herbal and spicy with a black tea-like character. Liking it.

Flavour: Very unique. Then again it is a Belgian Porter so a sweet candy-ish front palate isn’t too far from the norm. There’s a mild roasty note which is softened by the creamy vanilla and the natural texture of the nitro. Milk chocolate, dark fruits, caramel fudge and a mild hop bitterness fills it out and finishes it all off nicely.

Mouthfeel: Creamy and smooth AF. Carbonation is soft and refined and the body is mild-medium. The 5.7% ABV is well buried.

Overall: An impressive nitro Porter. It’s refreshing to finally see a brewery get the nitro side of it right in a can. Oh yeah and the beer was also bloody good too! Bonus.