Burleigh brewing co. ‘my wife’s’ bitter


image“My Wife’s Bitter? Yes, we’re talking about Peta, Brewmaster Brennan’s wife. And we don’t mean she’s in any way sour, resentful or angry. This beer is Brennan’s gift to her! In fact, she’s very, very happy to have such a stunningly attractive brew named after her. And who wouldn’t be? Glad we cleared that up!”

Served in a shaker glass the deep amber-copper pour constructed a frothy one and a half finger head before eventually settling to a thin layer over the top. Laced reasonably well. Off the nose we detect those big, malty sweet overtones of toffee and caramel initially. The next big player in a good bitter is a decent presence of nuts. Tick. All the while enjoying the doughy, earthy backbone. It’s all well and good to possess the basics, so to enjoy extra wafts of juicy currants, honeysuckle, cherry and fig means only good things for this beer. Not a very big presence of hops here, although English Fuggles and Golding aren’t known for their big aromas. In the mouth it feels oily with mild-medium carbonation. Good body. Upfront the taste buds enjoy a nutty, toffee, malty sweet flavour on entry. Doughy notes ar5e developed through the mid-palate displaying flavours of brioche and subtle earth while the long toasty finish leaves oats and a touch of fig on the back end. Great length. 4.8% ABV. We’d have to say we’re quite impressed with this beer. Plenty of flavour and considering the lower ABV they’ve done well to hold the body up. Very nice offering.