Burnley Brewing Bohemian Pilsner


“This pale gold Urquell-esque beer is based on Josef Groll’s original recipe from 1842.”

Glassware: Flute.

Appearance: Clear straw golden complexion with a billowing three finger head . Excellent retention with healthy lacing as it ebbs.

Aroma: No word of a lie if we were blindfolded and asked to guess the beer we’d be saying something along the lines of Urquell or Budvar. The brilliance of the Saaz hops are displaying the uber floral, spicy and herbaceous qualities and the delicate malts provide a backdrop of rice crackers, grains and soft honey tones. Just a beautifully balanced and perfectly executed aroma.

Flavour: The super conventional approach continues on to the palate. Again, the balance is dead set spot on with the spicy, floral and herbal hops perfectly countered by the savoury and semi sweet cracker malts. Really subtle touches of cedar, mildew and lemon thyme tacking on late as it finishes floral and herbal with a mild lingering bitterness.

Mouthfeel: Crisp, toned and slightly dry. Soft texture, perfectly carbed, mild-moderate body. 4.8% ABV is bang on for the style.

Overall: Such a classy Pilsner. They’re not bullshitting when they say this beer is based off Josef Groll’s original recipe. This is as traditional as you can get. Absolutely brilliant interpretation.