Burnley Brewing Kolsch


“Kölsch is a German beer style that originated in Cologne (Köln). It is fermented at warm temperatures with top-fermenting yeast, then conditioned at cold temperatures. It is the same brewing process used by Düsseldorf’s altbier.”

Glassware: Tumbler.

Appearance: Lively and bright golden complexion with full transparency. It forms a loosely packed head which swells to about 1cm before it quickly dispersed. Scarce lacing as we imbibe.

Aroma: All the Cold IPA lovers out there should get on to the humble old Kölsch. This bad boy is the OG when it comes to cold fermented ales. Smells nice and clean, crisp and refreshing yet still possesses that slightly chewy quality we get from the ale yeast. Also picking up delicate hints of earthy hay/straw, grass, pear/apple, florals and pot pourri, really subtle citrus, bready malts and crackers. Getting a mild vegetal note out of it too.

Flavour: The earthy-ness is really dominant on the palate. Tonnes of hay, straw and dried grass which fan out on to more farmyard grains, wheat and orchard fruits. It’s quite floral…rose petals and or rosewater come to mind. A little malty sweet which counters the earthy characters well. It really thins out as it rolls into a relatively crisp and easy finish with lingering malt sweetness and light grains.

Mouthfeel: Crisp, somewhat clean and thirst quenching. Body is on the leaner side, nice vibrant Co2. 4.4% ABV is on par for the style.

Overall: This cracking Kölsch rounds out this fabulous little series for us. In summary we’ve really liked all of them. We’ve definitely found ourselves another go-to brewery for classic Euro styles. Kudos Burnley ?