Clown Shoes ‘Snow On The Maple Tree’ BA Imperial Stout


“A fresh sheet of snow clings to the limbs of the great Maple Tree. The ancient maple provides this frigid winter’s day with a touch of majesty as it glimmers in the afternoon sun.”

Glassware: Snifter.

Appearance: Glossy black with a thumb of brown foam resting atop. The head slowly retreats to the rim and leaves a thin pattern of rings as we indulge.

Aroma: We can definitely pick up the maple bourbon barrels…the distinct caramelised sugars and cinnamon-esque spice provide a lovely backdrop for the hearty base stout characters; roasted malt, vanilla, licorice and mild coffee. We’re also getting a rather strong musk quality alongside lighter notes of pink marshmallow, bourbon and herbal spice. Not the CBS contender we were hoping for but it’s still decent.

Flavour: Oopht! OK it was harnessing all of its energy for this. It rolls on to the palate with a delicious fusion of maple bourbon, spice, vanilla and roasted malt. A mild warmth from the 10% ABV ties it all together. It’s really cool the way the flavours all take turns of enjoying their moment before it punctuates on a roasty, bittersweet and maple-driven finish which goes for days.

Mouthfeel: Dense and muscly, low Co2 and full bodied. The 10% ABV hides itself reasonably well. Couldn’t ask for much more from a BA Imperial Stout.

Overall: Yeah look it’s no CBS. It’s probably got better balance than our very own Mountie by Stockade though. We were expecting a little bit more from it but in the end it was still a delicious offering.