Collective Arts Brewing ‘Ransack the Universe’ IPA


imageThis is a first for us with this brewery. Brewed in Ontario, Canada we know nothing about this brew apart from the amusing fact that the 2 hops used are no other than Mosaic and galaxy hops from Australia. Seems like a hell of a long way to get hops. We like the artwork on the can..using a local artist of course.

Poured into a schooner glass, we see a cloudy burnt orange colour with minimal carbonation seen. There is a 10mm white head that drops out in the middle and leaves a retained rim on the glass. Aromas of sweet malts, caramels, tropical fruits, citrus, pine, and minimal booze despite this being classified as a strong beer of 6.8%. First mouthfeel is moderate in its body, almost chewy. Bitterness is decent and it coats the mouth but drops away quickly on the back palate. We thinking at least 80 IBU. Solid offering of grapefruit, pine needle, lime, caramel malts, and orange rind. More resin from the juicy hops. Very smooth drop though here. High session-ability. There is fairly low carbonation in the mouth too which helps. Patchy lacing here down the glass. As we near the bottom, we have built up a solid amount of bitterness on the palate but it’s not overbearing. We can smell now more booze aroma like its ‘opening up’. Grapefruit, pine, and resin now the dominant flavours, leaving a crisp finish. Overall this is a nice offering from a brewery that we will look out for.