Colonial Brewing Co. Australian IPA


17309779_660796177437864_1163573221298568989_n“So what is an Australian IPA? It’s a full-bodied IPA tailor-made for Australia.
We start with 100 per cent Australian hops picked to deliver a gentle rush of tropical fruit and subtle pine notes, hinting at sunshine and surf and the salt-sweet scent of summer. Next, we use Australian-made malt to cut through the bitterness and deliver an instant Aussie classic that’s big, bold and beaut. Colonial’s Australian IPA is the perfect beer for every Aussie summer. And winter. And autumn. And spring.”

The ring top is peeled off and we served in to an IPA glass. Honey amber in appearance with a mountainous four finger head forming over the top. Reduction is slow and steady, leaving thick, soapy patches of lace clinging to the glass.
The aroma is…..well…..interesting to say the least. It leads out with a herbaceous lemon citrus character which almost comes off as lemon thyme. It’s also got this unique leafy scent like gum leaves and eucalyptus. Hints of peach, mango and black pepper add some support. Very unique and also very Aussie so they’re hitting their mark.
In the mouth it’s held up with a decent body and a vibrant Co2. The 6.5% ABV provides a subtle warmth as the 56 IBU is assertive and emphasizes the dry texture.
Acting a bit more like an IPA in flavour. Nice and punchy upfront. Very green, leafy and a bit piney. It rolls in to the sweeter, fleshy fruits like mango and rock melon through the mid eventually making way for the dry, bitter and slightly boozy finish. Definitely getting more of those spicy and leafy notes on the back end.
Interesting IPA. Very different flavours and aromas but then again we guess that is what the brewers were after. It’s also an all Aussie ingredient list and we must say how fond we are of the green and gold colours on the can. It just makes us want to throw our arms over each other’s shoulders and sing Waltzing Matilda!