Corsendonk Pater Dubbel


image“Corsendonk is a Belgian beer brand. The brandname refers to the Priory of Corsendonk in Oud-Turnhout; which was in operation from 1398 to 1784, and was rebuilt in 1968 as a hotel complex by new owners Corsendonk Hotels”.

Poured into a tulip glass the colour of the body displayed a dark chestnut brown with a tight one and a half finger head that retains quite well, omitting reasonable lacing as we imbibe. Oh so Belgian on the nose. The aroma consists of classic yeasty and estery characters with funky hints of apricot, spice, sourdough, toffee, raisin and plums/dark fruits. Medium-high carbonation for a dubbel with a creamy, full bodied mouth feel. Initially a delicious fusion of port, raisin and fig couple up with a lively tickle on the tongue. A slight sourness develops in the mid-palate and it’s quickly followed by lingering notes of warming alcohol, oak and sweet, dark fruits in the finish that draws out well on to the back end. The 7.5% ABV was well hidden among the array of rich and complex flavours. It’s no Trappist Dubbel but its genuinely Belgian and genuinely tasty. Not bad at all.