Counter Culture’G3′ Double Hazy IPA


“First there was the Original Pacific Ale, then The Prequel hazy IPA …

Now we’re shifting into third gear with G3, a hazy DIPA (7.6% alc/vol) brewed with the freshest Galaxy hops from Tasmania, pale malts and New England ale yeast, showcasing revved up tropical flavours with a dominant 72 IBU finish. In celebration of tradition and history that started with the Original Pacific Ale, G3 is a beer for looking back – and then at the road ahead.”

Glassware: IPA

Appearance: Turbid pastel yellow with a soft orange tint. It forms a fairly sturdy head which retains and laced well.

Aroma: Holy moly the intensity was grossly unexpected! Proper juice bomb. Tropical fruits in abundance, sappy pine resin, herbal spice and pepper, apricot, tinned peach, frosty fruits and a dry white bready malt profile. We know the term “brekky juice” gets thrown around a lot but this is literally just boozy brekky juice. Phenomenal.

Flavour: Wow it’s much drier and chalky as opposed to the aroma. Still picking up lots of stewy stonefruit, apricot and peach skins with more accentuated peppery spice and hop bitterness. Damn it only improves too as the herbal spice, crusty malts frosty fruits and stonefruit all converge in the finish. Length for days too.

Mouthfeel: As stated before – dry, chalky and well rounded with discernible bitterness in the swallow. Medium body and Co2.

Overall: This is bloody impressive! We bang on about Bubble and Trubble being far out in front in terms of Aussie hazy’s but this would have to be on par. Good to see CC have bounced back after that last release.