Dainton Cherry Wood Smoked Rye Baltic Porter

31234948_846202065563940_2344929779997736960_n“A dark smooth Porter that has been brewed and conditioned with a German lager strain to ensue a very gorgeous malt profile. Of course, that was only a part of the thinking when planning this beer! We wanted to impart a gentle yet bold smokiness to marry up with the dark fruit characteristics from the fermentation that can arise when using specialized dark crystal in the grist. The result is a wonderfully smooth and complex beer that will age well or drink like a chocolate cigar this winter.”
Glassware: Tulip.

Appearance: Impenetrable black with a fizzy brown head that swells to two fingers before it reduced to a ring. Minimal lace as we go.

Aroma: Quite a complex little number! We’re picking up everything from burned wood, ash, whisky and peat to peppery rye, licorice, coffee and dark chocolate. Burnt toast, vanilla, toffee and dried raisins just to add a bit more depth! That’s an impressive aroma right there.

Flavour: Excellent transition from the nose. Tonnes of woody smoke, ash, spicy dark fruits, treacle and burnt toast from the start through to the mid palate. It becomes rather dry with hints of cocoa, toasted grains and a stab of that 8.8% ABV tailing in late. Long, smoky and drawn out finish.

Mouthfeel: Nothing heavy. Dry, medium bodied with mild-moderate co2. The 8.8% ABV does show through at times.

Overall: A fairly good porter that shapes up. Very crafty as well which not only gives it its shelf appeal but offers a high level of intrigue. The question is does it follow through? Well….it does and it doesn’t. It’s certainly fun though.