De Brabandere ‘Bavik’ Super Pils


“1894 was a very special year: it was the year when the one true Bavik Super Pils was born. And the Bavik Super Pils has made its own way to quality and taste ever since.”

Glassware: Footed flute.

Appearance: Light golden yellow with a gigantic four finger head perched on top. Takes ages to recede but when it does it leaves an absolute mess on the glass.

Aroma: Quite a robust nose for a Pilsner…we were getting wafts as we were writing the appearance. So nicely poised as well. Subtle Noble hop characters (spicy, herbal, grassy) just sitting on the semi sweet crackery malts. Light florals, a touch of earthy-ness, a hint of buttered corn (DMS) but we think it works with the style. Classic Euro-style Pils.

Flavour: Nice follow through. Again, super clean Noble hop qualities – herbals, florals, spice, a touch of earthy mildew. The semi sweet malt profile offers up rice crackers, grains and a touch of honey. There’s a lick of bitterness as it finishes dry and grassy with good duration.

Mouthfeel: Crisp, clean and tidy. Light on with medium carbonation. 5.2% ABV is only slightly higher than the average but nowhere near enough to make any waves.

Overall: So damn crushable it’s not even funny. We couldn’t have chosen a better to kick off with on this warm and lazy Sunday arvo session.