De Molen X Rodenbach ‘Wieken & Krieken’ Fruited Barleywine


“For this collaboration we have brewed a full-bodied classic barley wine to which we added many classic Rodenbach ingredients after fermentation, such as cranberry, elderberry and sour cherries. This has resulted in a beer with a unique taste dimension. At first you taste the full-bodied barley wine with its maltiness and ripe fruits, after which the nicely balanced, classic Rodenbach acidity comes up and you can clearly taste the cranberry and sour cherries.”

Glassware: Snifter.

Appearance: Burnished copper pour with a wispy off white overlay. The head peels off rather quickly but still manages fine rings which mark each sip.

Aroma: We’ve been eagerly awaiting this and we’re pleased to say that on initial meeting it smells the goods. We were unsure how a sour Barleywine would present but when 2 names like De Molen and Rodenbach come together how couldn’t it be good?! An amazing array of mixed red berries and currants, roll ups, toffee apple, dates, golden raisin, glazed cherry, earthy spice and pine needle tantalise the olfactories.

Flavour: So rich, sticky, fruity and sweet. It almost behaves like a really good Quad. We were anticipating sourness but there really isn’t much at all. If anything there’s some tartness from the berries/cherry but it’s the exquisite balance between the rich and decadent malts and the tart fruits that has us in awe.

Mouthfeel: Dense, sticky and gelatinous. Co2 is kept low and the body is medium-full. The 9.2% ABV adds just the right amount of warmth.

Overall: Very impressive. It’s like a fruity Barleywine with traits of Belgian Quadrupel and English Strong Ale. This kinda stuff is our jam right now. Superb.