De Struise Tsjeeses ‘Kerstbier’ 2013 Belgian Blond


24177131_777764292407718_7733095642270848930_n “Strong blond winterbier with fluffy white head. Aroma is elegant, it has hints of fruits, spices, refreshing herbs and noble hops. The taste is very strong, very complex and fairly dry for the style. This beer has an expressive taste and ends with a nice afterglow”.

Served in a stemmed tulip. This interesting beer offers a light chestnut hue with a short and finely beaded cap. Lovely lace work clings to the sides as it ebbs.
Holy moly! Where did this aroma come from?! It’s like a lovechild between a barleywine and a Belgian quad. It offers massive spicy overtones, canned fruits, golden syrup, toffee, residual sugars, booze and dates. Sensational aroma, so sweet, sticky and conplex.
Woooowwwww. The flavour carries on with the trend here. Loads of spice – mainly earthy and rich ones like clove, nutmeg and star anise. Super sweet toffee, syrup and raw sugar but not cloying in the slightest. A delicate nudge of booze makes way for a sweet and spicy finish that endures on the rear palate.
So smooth in the mouth. Velvety texture, a bit of warmth from the booze (10%), mild-moderate co2 and full in body.
Stunning drop. It’s almost 2018 now so this beer already brings 5 years with it…and boy hasn’t it improved! So slick, smooth and silky. Well tempered and incredibly well balanced. The 10% ABV has certainly mellowed too. The fact that we have another four stored away means there’s some absolutely top notch drinking in store for us! Flawless.