Dead End ‘The Tower’ Chilli & Chocolate Imperial Stout


“10 different malts, 100kg of organic Tunisian Deglet Nour dates, 100+ Madagascan vanilla pods, ethically produced Venezuelan cacao nibs, Mexican guajillo and chipotle chillies and a heap of organic cinnamon. No flavourings, extracts or essence. The Tower is a big thick stout. Warming and fruit forward Mexican chillies blend together with the freshly roasted Venezuelan cacao. All balanced off with organic cinnamon and Madagascan vanilla followed by a rich complex date sweetness. Fermented in open fermenters with an ester forward custom yeast blend.”

Glassware: Snifter.

Appearance: Dense black with a short brown head which quickly peels off. It forms a halo with thin rings marking each sip as we go.

Aroma: At first we can’t find much of the chilli or the chocolate but as this bad boy warms it really starts to open up. Rich dark chocolate initially then the fresh chilli comes through with its acidic and peppery accents. There’s a super decadent base in support too; espresso, campfire, warming booze/phenols, molasses, ink, spice, a hint of acetone and licorice. Oopht this has got some attitude!

Flavour: It really evolves well and thank goodness coz it hits like a tonne of bricks upfront. It’s like charred malts and 100% dark chocolate meets liquid smoke, vanilla and molasses. The chilli component is way too delicate for our liking though…not enough heat or flavour being generated from it. It hits a crescendo late in the mid and is assisted down with rich cocoa, espresso, subtle vanilla and spice. Literally sits on the palate for days!

Mouthfeel: So dense and oily, full bodied with low Co2. The 11% ABV certainly doesn’t shy away but is well enough hidden for its size.

Overall: This one also came recommended from a mate and we must say it hasn’t really come through as well as we’d expected. Nothing at all wrong with it it’s just a little rough around the edges. Still, not a bad drop.